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  • Geomechanics
  • Hazard assessment and risk mitigation
  • Visualization and optimization
  • Mining Safety Research
  • Environment and sustainability
  • Climate change adaptation

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MIRARCO is an Eligible Research Institute. Research conducted with MIRARCO may provide your entity with valuable tax credits.

Latest Blog Posts

  • 5 Signs of a Good Freight Company

    Businesses depend on Canadian trucking companies to move their products, and choosing the right freight services can be vital to their success. Fortunately, there are a few signs that a manager can look for that indicate the quality of the service.

  • ANSI vs. API Durco Pumps

    Many plants use both ANSI pumps and API pumps. However, it can sometimes be difficult determining the right pump to use for certain applications. Some people end up buying ANSI pumps for tasks that require API pumps. It is important to understand the difference between the two types of pumps to help you make wise purchase decisions.

  • The current Globally Harmonized System (GHS) is a method by which safety information as it pertains to specific products is communicated in a standard format internationally. The two major elements of this system are Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and safety labels. Because of their effectiveness in overcoming language barriers, GHS Pictograms are a major part of the new GHS labels.

  • Vortex Industrial Cabinet Coolers

    Modern day technological systems and devices are ingenious. They are indispensable. They have revolutionized labor and consequently, life. They make the American economy so much stronger than ill-developed countries. However, with almost every first world nation embracing industrialization, only the small things matter. Almost all possible discoveries and inventions possible for this generation have been unearthed and patented. The secret to wielding the upper hand in the competition for optimizing productivity in the world of cutting-edge technology may lie in a very simple secret: cooling electronic control panels with vortex industrial cabinet cooler.

  • mining safety
    Site Inspection Software Data Analysis to Improve Risk Management

    Much of the focus on site inspection software for the mining industry has been focused on reducing the time spent performing safety checks and audits. While this is an important use case for safety inspection software, data analysis can help turn the software into a tool that not only prevents future safety problems, but also predicts potential issues and lowers the mine’s risk profile.