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We do work in:

  • Geomechanics
  • Hazard assessment and risk mitigation
  • Visualization and optimization
  • Mining Safety Research
  • Environment and sustainability
  • Climate change adaptation

Our Partners:

MIRARCO is an Eligible Research Institute. Research conducted with MIRARCO may provide your entity with valuable tax credits.

Latest Blog Posts

  • mining safety
    Site Inspection Software Data Analysis to Improve Risk Management

    Much of the focus on site inspection software for the mining industry has been focused on reducing the time spent performing safety checks and audits. While this is an important use case for safety inspection software, data analysis can help turn the software into a tool that not only prevents future safety problems, but also predicts potential issues and lowers the mine’s risk profile.

  • Industrial Filters
    Importance Of Bag Filters In Industrial Use

    Industrial processes may generate a great deal of dust, smoke or hazardous airborne gases. The best company will protect the health of their employees by using bag filter to trap all of the harmful airborne contaminants. Clean, healthy indoor air enables everyone to breathe a little easier.

  • Package Leak Detection Prevents Lawsuits
    How Leak Detection Equipment Can Prevent A Lawsuit

    The right package leak detection equipment can prevent your business from being sued over mishandling. From customer packaging to the final delivery, there are many steps, which can make it difficult to discover when the parcel was damaged. The components of leak detection equipment can protect both your product and your business.