Package Leak Detection Prevents Lawsuits

How Leak Detection Equipment Can Prevent A Lawsuit

The right package leak detection equipment can prevent your business from being sued over mishandling. From customer packaging to the final delivery, there are many steps, which can make it difficult to discover when the parcel was damaged. Leak detection devices can create a better “chain of custody” when identifying cracked, broken or destroyed containers through the following phases:

1. Customer Seals
2. Employees Distribute
3. Drivers Deliver

First-class companies prevent potential leaks from harming their employees, customers or reputation.

1. Customer Seals Package
Individuals might not be experts at sealing their special items in a box. The box might not be large enough, there might not be enough interior filling or the outside seals might be inferior. Most cardboard boxes will deteriorate when they get wet. High humidity could lead to perspiration on cardboard containers.

Restaurant food ingredients, sensitive electronic equipment, jewelry and medical specimen might need to be placed in special containers. Many employers are requiring drug tests and collecting fluid samples, which are sent out to laboratories every week. Some of these medical containers could contain contagious diseases.

2. Parcel Moves Along Conveyor Belts
High-quality package leak detection equipment could be located before the parcel arrives at the sorting warehouse. Any damaged packages could be removed to prevent the entire facility from being contaminated by gases, liquids or solids.

Although, each package delivery company has its own specific process, many will take the cargo from their trucks and distribute them to the proper geographical containers using conveyor belts. The packages must be loaded onto the belts and then unloaded into the containers, which could involve rubbing, abrasion or drops. Sensitive seals could be damaged at this stage. Leak detection equipment could scan the packages before they are loaded onto the containers.

3. Truck Loading & Delivery
The finally stage involves unloading the containers for placement on delivery trucks. Before the parcel is loaded, it should be scanned to prevent contamination of the vehicle. The delivery driver passes through many neighborhoods and should not endanger the health of his customers.

Just as customers can now track the movement of their cargo on the Internet, they could also be given a simple “condition” assessment online. When the damaged package was “identified” could be clearly marked. If there are any lawsuits, this could be used as evidence.

Your business reputation depends on maintaining control over your packages and work environment. By pro-actively installing leak detection devices, you create the means, methods and ability to accomplish this goal. Demonstrate your commitment to excellence and quality control, by preventing potentially dangerous leaks from harming your employees, facilities, customers or reputation.