Industrial Filters

Importance Of Bag Filters In Industrial Use

Industrial processes may generate a great deal of dust, smoke or hazardous airborne gases. The best company will protect the health of their employees by using bag filters to trap all of the harmful airborne contaminants. Clean, healthy indoor air enables everyone to breathe a little easier.

Enable Your Workers to Succeed

Successful business owners give their employees the tools to succeed. As a warehouse owner, you have the duty to establish a high quality of indoor air. Your workers need oxygen to keep their bodies moving and minds operating efficiently.

Worker efficiency can be the difference between a profit or a loss. Naturally, you want your employees to be the most productive during every hour of work. Calculating lost productivity due to health problems can be difficult; but, a healthy, happy workforce will be faster and produce higher quality goods.

Replace Clogged Dirty Fans

Many times, airborne contaminants might be rather invisible or innocuous. When they build up on your warehouse fans, then suddenly you can see how bad the problem really is. Caked-on dust not only clogs up your intake fans, but can also clog up your lung passages.

Indoor air quality has become a more important issue for all of society. Secondhand smoke is just one example. Many workers must smoke cigarettes at least 100 feet away from buildings so that air intake vents will not spread the fumes to all the staff.

Industrial Bag Filters

The concept behind all bag filters is the same as your vacuum cleaner bag filter. You take a disposable unit and collect all of the waste products from your processes therein. These filters can be used for solids, liquids or gases.

Durable industrial filters have different micron particulate mesh size holes that control what can pass through it and what is trapped therein. You can purchase a bag filter for each of your machines. You also have the option of buying a complete filter machine through which you pass your solid, liquid or air flow.

Clean or Toss the Bag Filter

The genius of bag filters is that you can easily remove them for cleaning. Some machines and equipment can be tough to disassemble, lift or maneuver about. Handy, industrial filters will also reduce your assembly line down-time.

Create a clean, hygienic working environment for all of your employees by purchasing the filters that can be easily cleaned. You can keep machine down-time due to cleaning to a minimum; you can keep employee down-time due to sickness to a minimum. Trust the industrial filter that keeps your workers operating at optimal efficiency.