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Site Inspection Software Data Analysis to Improve Risk Management

Much of the focus on site inspection software for the mining industry has been focused on reducing the time spent performing safety checks and audits. While this is an important use case for safety inspection software, data analysis can help turn the software into a tool that not only prevents future safety problems, but also predicts potential issues and lowers the mine’s risk profile.
Existing Inspection Software Uses

Risk management and legal compliance are the most important reasons why mines regularly perform site inspections. The availability of site inspection software has greatly reduced the time need to perform safety inspections and has reduced errors in inspections. No longer are pen and clipboard the tools of an inspector, instead mobile devices provide the interface and immediately place the results of the inspections in the hands of engineers and decision makers.
Mine the Data

The proliferation of software tools to perform mine inspections provides a treasure drove of data about mines and mining sites. Engineers know that the more data they have, the better the product they can produce. Data from mine inspections is no different. There are countless potential uses for the data and with the growth in data analysis as a business tool; there is end to the uses of data. Two potential uses for the data collected from safety inspection software are predictive analysis for risk mitigation and data based mine risk profiles.
Predict Future Problems

Analyzing the data to make predictions can be an effective use of the collected data. With enough data collected from different mines, it is possible to get a picture of how the different inspection items interact with each other to cause problems. They also can be analyzed to predict when and if a risk issue might become a problem in the future. By predicting future issues based on collected data, mines could better manage their risk.
Value the Risk Profile

Existing mine valuations definitely have risk management priced into them. It is possible to determine which mines have a better overall risk management profile based on the data collected and analyzed against similar mines. A baseline based on real world data would allow stakeholders to better price safety risk into mine valuations.
Data analysis is quickly becoming a tool for mines to make better decisions and better manage their risk profiles. There is no reason why mines shouldn’t be using the data they are already collecting from their site inspection software to help them improve mine safety, increase legal compliance and make more profitable decisions. Data analysis provides just another why mines can benefit from using mining safety inspection software.