5 Ideas For Packing Weird Shaped Items

If you have specialty moving needs, chances are you have some other non-standard items that need to be packed up. Here are tips on how to pack five weird-shaped items so they’ll arrive without damage.

1. Knives

To prevent dangerous knife ends from protruding through even the thickest packaging materials, use this easy trick.

Gather several knives together and wrap a rubber band around the handles. Insert them into a cardboard paper towel roll. Crimp the ends of the cardboard tube together at the handle end and staple shut. Stuff some crumpled up newspaper into the top of the tube where the knife blades are. Crimp the ends of the cardboard tube together like before, and staple shut. When you are ready to unpack, simply cut the ends open with scissors.

2. Lampshades

Lampshades need special packing care to prevent them from being crushed during the move. Use this technique to preserve the shape of your lampshades.

Nest several lampshades inside one another. After you have the smallest shade stacked inside, stuff the cavity with a clean balled up towel. Use a box that is at least two inches bigger than the largest shade. Lay a folded towel on the bottom of the box. Insert the lampshades into the box, right side up. Fill the empty space around the shades with balled up tissue paper and seal the box.

3. Garden Hoses

Garden hoses can be unwieldy and awkward to pack unless their shape is somehow controlled. A specialty moving Calgary company can handle all your large landscaping equipment, but for the smaller items like garden hoses, try this:

Drain the hoses completely before packing. Roll them up to a size that will fit into a medium cardboard box. Use three extra long zip ties to secure the rolls in two places on each garden hose. Lay the hose rolls flat inside the cardboard box.

4. Hand Weights

Hand weights should not be packed inside boxes because the excessive hidden weight could cause injury to anyone who tries to lift the box. Instead, protect the finish on your hand weights by covering the ends with plastic shopping bags and securing with a rubber band.

5. Live Plants

Live plants should never be transported inside sealed boxes. The danger is that the box won’t be opened in time to tend the plants.

Transport smaller potted plants inside an uncovered plastic storage bin to prevent spilled soil on your vehicle upholstery. Large potted trees and shrubbery can be wrapped with burlap and string before moving to prevent torn branches and shredded leaves. Use a two-wheeler to shift heavy large plants from the house to the moving truck. Be sure to secure the tree to the side of the truck with tie downs so it doesn’t tip over during turns.

These five tips to pack weird shaped items will help to ensure that all your possessions are secure during your specialty moving experience. For more help with smaller items, contact your moving company representatives.