4 Basic Requirements of Good Long-Distance Moving Services

Moving long distances can be stressful. This is especially the case when you have valuable household items that are irreplaceable. Family heirlooms, antiques, and artwork are just a few categories of valuable items that may have priceless value to their owners. For this reason, it is important to discuss 4 basic requirements of cross country movers that may help you sleep better the night before the move.

#1: Variable Insurance Coverage

If your possessions are valuable, you will have to ensure that you obtain full coverage for special items. Shipping artwork, a baby grand piano, and other fragile items such as fine China requires the maximum care in crating and insurance. Although a moving company may state that everything is fully insured, you have to read the details. Most will only pay a fraction of the value based on the weight. If the company does not offer additional levels of insurance coverage, you can wind up losing your property with little legal recourse.

#2: Brick & Mortar Location

Nowadays, anyone can set up a website and start a moving service. Companies may also work out of a brick & mortar location that has no name or has a name different than the one that they are marketing. This is a bad sign that the company is not established and accountable. It is critical for long-distance movers to deal with a company that they can serve legal papers on in person if their property goes missing. It only takes a couple of hundred dollars to register and dissolve a corporation. This is a popular method for shifty moving companies to clean up their image after a lot of negative customer reports.

#3: Accepts Major Credit Cards

Reputable cross country movers Toronto will accept major credit cards. These credit card companies serve as a safeguard if they fail to deliver, or there are major problems with their services. If you pay for unpacking at the location and they just drop off the boxes and furniture for you to do the work, you can make a claim with your credit card company. Avoid companies that want you to pay in cash, checks, or money orders. This deprives you of valuable consumer protections in a high-liability transaction.

#4: Ensure a Firm Quote

There are many different types of moving quotes. A reputable mover will first come to your home and assess the weight of the property and take measurements. They will itemize the prices for different types of services such as packing, shipping, and unpacking. Make sure that you understand what the potential percentage of allowable overages there may be from the quote if any. Most contracts limit the price to the original weight estimate quoted but will provide a discount if the actual weight is less. Other contracts will stick you with actual weight overages even if they did a bad estimate upfront to reel you in.

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