6 Plumbing Tips That Will Save Your Family Money

When you own a home, it is crucial to take time regularly to inspect your home’s plumbing system. Catching issues before they become a problem can save you time, money and lots of stress. Most experts recommend taking time during the spring to get your plumbing ready for winter. Below are some great plumbing tips to take into consideration before finding yourself needing to hire a plumber.

1. Check Faucets For Leaks

Most leaky faucets can be easily fixed when you do so before it gets worse. Regularly inspect faucets for small leaks. Fixing them will be cheap and save you money on your water bill.

2. Hidden Toilet Leaks

A leaky toilet can end up costing you a lot of money. Oftentimes, you won’t even know you have a leak with your toilet unless you know what you are looking for. To check, add some drops of food coloring to the tank and check back after 20 minutes. If the coloring is still there, you are good. If not, call a plumber for help.

3. Flush Toilet Properly

When you flush your toilets, check to see how well the handle holds up. If it is loose, you may need to replace some worn parts in the tank. You should visit the Drain Rescue website if you would like more information.

4. Pour Water Down Unused Drains

Some homeowners have drains that do not get used on a regular basis such as the toilet and shower in a guest bathroom. To keep the pipes working properly, pour water down them once in a while. This will keep them functioning. If they drain slowly, use a snake to clear out the pipes. Call a plumber if unused pipes won’t drain after snaking.

5. Clean Gutters, Drains and Downspouts

Another plumbing tip to take into consideration is regularly inspecting the outside of your home. Pests, debris and other blockages can cause damage to your drains and end up leading to costly leaks. When your gutters, downspouts and drains are blocked, the water can back up and go into your home. Water damage can be costly to repair and lead to black mold. Black mold can be dangerous to your family and costly to get taken care of.

6. Check Exposed Pipes For Leaks

It is crucial to check all exposed pipes for leaks on a regular basis. Spotting and fixing a leak early can save homeowners thousands of dollars in repairs. Never let a leak get worse before calling in a professional.

If you notice any of these plumbing problems, it is essential to get them fixed right away. If you are not able to fix them yourself, call a reputable plumbing contractor in your area for help. The sooner you get your plumbing fixed, the less costly it will be.

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