Areas of Expertise

  • GRC


    The Geomechanics Research Centre (GRC) conducts engineering and scientific research and development in the field of geotechnical engineering and applies its findings to promote safer and more economical excavations at depth.


  • ERCM


    Energy, Renewables and Carbon Management (ERCM), founded in 2011. In partnership with Laurentian University, MIRARCO has invested in a new Chair of Energy in Mining to lead research in this area. The new chair, Dean Millar has established the Energy, Renewables and Carbon Management team.


  • VPO


    Ventilation and Production Optimization (VPO), is focused on developing the next generation of mine planning tools through the application of advanced visualization techniques and optimization algorithms.


  • EMR


    Environmental Monitoring and Rehabilitation (EMR), founded in 2000, is engaged in interdisciplinary research that uses the superb natural laboratories of the region to study the effects of emissions and abatement technologies on affected and near-pristine land systems, as well as on human health issues through studies of water quality.


  • MSR


    The Mine Safety Research Centre addresses unique issues related to Safety and Risk Management in the mining industry: ventilation, ground control, and safety.


Funding Sources

MIRARCO receives funding from a number of public and private sector partners. PERM and PRIMO are two major research initiatives delivered by MIRARCO.

  • PERM


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