Environmental Monitoring and Rehabilitation (EMR)

cem_homeEnvironmental Monitoring and Rehabilitation, founded in 2000, is engaged in interdisciplinary research that uses the superb natural laboratories of the region to study the effects of both emissions and of abatement technologies on both affected and near-pristine land systems, as well as on human health issues through studies of water quality.


Our goal is to develop analytical systems, monitoring procedures, and provide research and technical services to support the needs of mining and other resource industries.

Our speciality and expertise:

  • Environmental systems monitoring
  • Remediation of mine sites
  • Ecotoxicological research
  • Data interpretation services
  • Mine operations effects monitoring
  • Geological monitoring
  • Environmental data management services


Environmental systems monitoring:

  • On-site analytical systems development
  • Development of small sample analysis technology
  • Remote data transmission
  • Ground water and emissions monitoring
  • Tailings dam stability monitoring
  • Impact of anthropogenic metals on ecosystems
  • Movement and speciation of metals in ecosystems


Ecotoxicological research:

  • Metal mobility in perturbed systems
  • Radioactive nuclide transfers and transformations


Mine operation effects monitoring:

  • Emissions monitoring
  • Speciation of metal particulate emissions
  • Development of isotopic monitoring techniques
  • Metal phytoavailability


Geological monitoring:

  • Geosensing for grade estimation


Environmental data management services:

  • Collection, management and interpretation of environmental monitoring data
  • Spectral data image analysis
  • Image analysis



EMR is constantly involved analytical work, graduate and field research. Here are some of the larger projects we have recently undertaken:

  • Aerosolic Geochemistry

  • Water Quality and Quantity

  • Biofuels